Apply for Overnight Summer Camp

Applicant Selection

Selection for camp participation will be made by the Camping Services Team in consultation with the local Sheriff. The Camp Director is responsible for final approval of all applicants. Campers are welcome regardless of race, color, religious background or national origin.

Our Online Application Process for Summer Camp

New Family Enrollment

On the New Family Enrollment screen, complete the camper information section. You may add additional campers by clicking the green +Add another camper link.

Complete the parent information and add additional parents as needed. Complete the home address, family questions, and additional information. Then click Continue to enrollment options.

CampSite will send you a welcome email that includes a link to the Parent Dashboard and a password, which you can reset if you would like. You can upload forms or add any information by going to the Parent Dashboard.

Enrollment for 2024

Please upload a photo of your camper.

Click the blue Enroll Camper for 2024 link, and that will take you to the Enrollment options screen. You should see the Summer Camp session available for the county you live in, so select the green Add option button, then Save and continue at the bottom.

Only those campers who are part of a private group will need a passcode. Please call or email the contact for your group to ask for the passcode to register for the group’s session. Once you enter the passcode, the group’s session option will appear for you to select Add enrollment option. Then click “Save and Continue” to move to the Questions Page. If you have questions about your group or need more information to reach the contact, please call one of the camps.

Campers must be between the ages of 10-15 during the camp session and should only attend during the session assigned for their county.

If you do not see any sessions offered, check the information entered for the camper by clicking the My account tab at the top right corner, then click on the camper’s name to verify all the information is correct. Update camper information and return to the Enrollment tab at the left and then Enroll Camper for 2024.

If your camper cannot attend the dates offered, or you have some other questions, please contact one of the camps for assistance.

Enrollment Questions

Please tell us about your camper and then click Save and continue at the bottom.


Please complete all the forms as soon as possible. You must submit all the required forms to complete your enrollment request and check out.

The Program and Transportation Release form must be printed and notarized.

The Camper Health Care Form or Medical Report must be printed and completed by a doctor.

Once these forms are completed, you can upload them by returning to the Parent Dashboard and selecting the Forms tab. You can also fax them, email them, or mail them to the camp your child will attend:

Caruth Camp – Serving West Coast of Florida
PO Box 10, Inglis, FL 34449, Phone (352) 447-2259, Fax (352) 447-0400

Youth Camp – Serving East Coast (South of Flagler County)/South East Florida
1170 Youth Camp Ln, Pierson, FL 32180, Phone (386) 749-9999, Fax (386) 749-9020

Camp Sorensen – Serving Panhandle/North Florida
1017 Retreat Acres Rd Hilliard, FL 32046, Phone (904) 675-3535

The Health History Form can be completed online and contains four parts. You may complete them all at once or save and return to complete a section later. You will type in your name at the bottom of each part to electronically “sign” all the forms and click Submit form. On the bottom of the 4th part, there is a place to sign to give permission to treat your camper should he or she need health care, as well as the signature for the bottom of part 4, so be sure to “sign” this form on both those lines. Once the Health History sections are all complete, you can print a copy for your records.

The Forms list will update as you submit each form to help us keep track of what we need for your camper. Please complete the forms as quickly as possible so you can complete your enrollment request.

Continue to Checkout

Once you have submitted all the forms for your camper, you can return to the Enrollment tab, select Enroll for 2024, and move through the steps you have completed until you reach the Checkout screen.

There is no cost for a camper to attend camp, but continue to check out. Please read our Terms and Conditions and check that you have read and agree. Then type in your full name in the Signature line, and click Submit Enrollment Request.

Your enrollment request was successfully submitted!

Please submit your forms as quickly as you can and you should hear back from camp staff within a few weeks to let you know whether your child is approved to attend camp. When your session approaches, we will email you with transportation and packing information. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

We hope your camper has a great time at camp!