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Before Anabelle came to the Ranch, her family was already looking for help. She was falling behind in school and her behavior was getting out of control. Eventually, Anabelle crossed a line and her family’s search led them to the Youth Ranches.

“I took my mom’s car out for a joy ride,” Anabelle admitted sheepishly. “Events had led up to it and I got arrested. It pushed them to find a place for me.”

Now, eight months later, Anabelle is thriving at the Ranch. Instead of being restricted to virtual school due to COVID, she can attend our on-campus learning center in a safe environment. Her grades have improved drastically, and she is excited to start her junior year this semester.

“At the Ranch I was back in a classroom environment and that helped a lot,” she said. “I got my grades back up from D’s and F’s to A’s and B’s.”

With a bright personality and quick sense of humor, it’s hard to imagine a girl like Anabelle being reserved and closed off. But before coming to the Ranch, her choice in friends had caused her to shut down.

“My mom always said I was the outgoing one,” she remembers. “But I just fell in with the wrong crowd and sat back in the shadows.”

At the Ranch, away from negative influences, Anabelle’s natural leadership skills shine. She began taking on more responsibility in her cottage and trying to earn privileges, like a cell phone.

“It’s just stepping up in the cottage, talking to Mom and Pop, and cleaning up after myself,” she said. Part of this process includes what her cottage mom calls “Carport Time.” The girls gather around a patio table under the covered carport outside of their cottage and talk to their mom and pop. If they are frustrated or excited, or feeling down, they know there is a place they can go where they will be heard.

While living in a cottage with other girls and going to school on campus, Anabelle has made it a point to try and control her emotions. She understands that waiting and listening will yield better results than lashing out. That often means stepping back and observing before diving headfirst into something.

“I’m very emotional sometimes and I’ve improved a lot in that," she said. “I get control of myself first and observe what’s going on,” she said.

As Anabelle gets ready for her junior year of high school, she is taking all the things she’s learned and trying to create a plan for her future.

“I want to be a cosmetologist,” she said. “I’ve always loved hair and nails, so I thought it would be nice to do. I’m starting the nail tech program next year.”

While she continues keeping up her grades and working on her personal growth, Anabelle also takes time to focus on her art. Part of her job working with the Recreation Director on campus is helping to design thank-you letters for our donors.

“It’s an outlet for me,” she said. “I draw when I’m sad or happy, or have a burst of inspiration.”

With so many things happening in this upcoming school year, Anabelle is making sure all the improvements she’s made are permanent. She continues to do her best at her job site, in school, and on building relationships with her cottage parents.

“I’m keeping people around me that support me,” she said. “Everyone around here supports and uplifts each other. So I’m keeping those people in my life.”

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