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The Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches was recenly mentioned in The Ledger's Gigs and Garlands editorial feature, receiving a Garland. The Ledger is located in Lakeland, Florida.

GARLAND: We salute the Florida Sheriffs Ranches and Polk Sheriff’s Charities for their work to establish the Scholarship House in Bartow. The facility will house 10 people who graduate from the Sheriffs Ranches residential program for needy children or from foster care and who go on to vocational training or community college. In addition to providing these young adults a place to live, a full-time staffer will help coach them in life skills. The goal, said Bill Frye, CEO of the Florida Youth Ranches charity, is to surpass the 10 percent national average of such people who finish local college or vocational school.

You can read the entire editorial piece here.

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