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Non-cash Giving

Are you…

  • Cleaning out your closets?
  • Replacing old appliances?
  • Buying new furniture?
  • Buying a new car?

Consider donating your sellable items to Sheriffs Ranches Enterprises. Click here to learn more.




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Specialty License Plate

By purchasing the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches license tag, you will be making a significant contribution to Florida's needy children. As part of the Youth Ranches donor family, you will be restoring a child's self-esteem and repairing broken families.

Why a Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches Specialty Plate?
The Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches Specialty License Plate provides a unique and personal way for you to help in the ongoing fight against juvenile delinquency and neglect. Your small specialty tag fee will help Florida's needy boys and girls find safety, support and self-esteem.

How can I get a Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches Specialty Plate?
The Specialty License Plate is also available at your local tax collector's office. If you would like more details about purchasing a Youth Ranches license plate, please contact your local tag office.

You can now purchase gift certificates for specialty plates. You must visit your local tag office to inquire about this wonderful and unique gift for a birthday, anniversary or Christmas. The gift certificate does not have to be redeemed at the office in which it is purchased. Please contact the state motor vehicle office, local tax collector office, or licensed tag agent for further information.



Payroll Deduction

Are you a Federal, State or Sheriff’s Office Employee? You can help give children direction, ability and hope by making your charitable donations through payroll deduction! Contact your Human Resources Office and let them know you want your gift forwarded to the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches today. Download a flyer for more information.

Federal Employees choose #28120 from the charities list.

State Employees look for the Florida Sheriff’s Youth Ranches in the Independent Unaffiliated Section of the charitable campaign list.

Sheriff’s Office Employees download a form here and forward it to your Human Resources department.




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Caring & Sharing Point-of-Purchase Campaign

Participation in the Caring & Sharing Campaign is very easy and rewarding. The campaign is designed to be a short-lived initiative with a defined beginning and end, typically one month—to respect customers and to not be intrusive. Many of our community partners have been very complimentary of the reception the initiative receives from the public. Most people want to help, and this is an easy way help can be given.

The Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches made the fundraiser easy by putting all needed items in one box. We hope you will help us by either participating at your retail establishment, or possibly helping us identify other establishments that share our passion for helping children and want to make a difference.

If you would like to sign up to participate, please contact us (800) 765-3797 or info@youthranches.org

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